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Home Modifications to Create a Safer Home


Mobility problems or other limitations that can make it tiresome to move about our homes safely and comfortably are frequent as we age.

Fortunately, many accessible home modifications can help seniors with mobility issues or disabilities maintain their independence and quality of life.

Here are some common changes our in-home care in Neptune Beach would like you to consider:

  • Grab bars and handrails
    Installing grab bars and railings in bathrooms, hallways, and stairways can provide much-needed support and stability for seniors with mobility issues.
  • Wheelchair ramps
    If you or your loved one uses a wheelchair or mobility scooter, installing a ramp at the entrance of your home can make it much easier to enter and exit.
  • Raised toilet seats
    Our assisted living suggests installing a raised toilet seat to make it easier for seniors with mobility issues to use the bathroom independently.
  • Lever door handles
    Traditional round doorknobs can be difficult to grip for seniors with arthritis or other hand conditions. Lever door handles are easier to grasp and can be a helpful modification.
  • Widened doorways
    Widening doorways can make it easier for seniors who use wheelchairs or walkers to move around their homes.

These are just a few examples of accessible home modifications that can improve the safety and accessibility of your home. Many of these modifications can be well-installed by a professional, and some may even be well-covered by insurance or government programs.

If you or a loved one struggles with mobility issues or disabilities, consider consulting with our senior care to determine which modifications meet your needs.

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